Subjects Curacao

  • Youth

    The Youth owns the future. The youth of today are the adults of tomorrow. Adults have - to some extent - influence on the development of the youth. That influence is a responsibility of which the whole society must be aware. Criminal Law can only partly contribute to the promotion of youth development.

  • Traffic

    On a yearly basis in Curaçao there are a high amount of regrettable traffic casualties. Not only with injured persons, but unfortunately there are also fatalities. Very often, the cause of the accident is due to unsafe road behavior, such as speeding.

  • Relational violence

    Violence within the relational atmosphere is a problem that unfortunately occurs widely, but often remains invisible. Often this phenomenon is referred to as "domestic violence", but actually this is too restrictive as it gives the impression that the violence is limited to persons living in the same house together.

  • Human traficking and human smuggling

    Human trafficking is a serious crime and forms a gross violation of human rights. Exploitation is central to this concept and the circumstances, in which victims of trafficking often find themselves, are shocking. Exploitation of human beings exists in different varieties and sectors. The best known form is exploitation in the sex industry. Victims, mostly women, in this sector are often lured from another country with false promises.

  • Holdups (robberies)

    Robberies have an enormous impact on victims and their environment and provide a serious sense of insecurity. Robbers therefore can count on heavy penalties. The Public Prosecution and the Police work closely together to reduce the number of robberies. Entrepreneurs have a key role in preventing robberies (by security and/or camera surveillance). Citizens also help to solve robberies.

  • Victims in the trial Process (Version november 2013)

    The trial process focuses on the enforcement of the law. Moreover, the suspect traditionally has been central in this process. In recent years there has been increasing attention to the position of the victim. Legally seen, the term ‘victim’ does not exist. In criminal proceedings the victim has no official role.

  • Aerosol spray pepperspray or teargas is not permitted

    Having pepper spray or a spray can of teargas at home or on the public road, is not permitted.