Openbaar Ministerie-Curacao-Sint Maarten-BES Islands


I would like to cordially welcome you to the website of the Public Prosecution Service of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.
The Public Prosecution Service Bes carries out the enforcement of criminal law on these three islands. This means that our employees, along with many others, try to ensure that people and organizations abide by the rules that have been established to make life on the islands safe in every way. We do this by contributing and collaborating with everyone. We are mainly accountable for a justified input of a thorough public instrument: detecting and prosecuting those who don’t abide by the rules and also ensuring that they undergo the imposed penalties.
The Public Prosecution Service BES would like to explain its work as best as possible. Hopefully this website will help achieving this. In case you still have unanswered questions, or additional ones, please contact us.

Henry Hambeukers
Chief Public Prosecutor