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The Court sentenced suspect C.E.M. (44) to 12 months in prison conditional and 180 hours community service for the sexual misconduct of 2 young females. The 2 females are sisters and 1 is a minor. 

The Public Prosecutor had requested a 30 month conditional prison sentence for suspect C.E.M. (44), 20 months of which were to be unconditional and a 3 year probation period. The Public Prosecutor stated that the suspect, who had a relationship with the mother of the 2 females, abused their trust.

In addition the actions of the suspect negatively affected the relationship between the mother and her daughters. The Public Prosecutor is concerned that the suspect appears unaware of his problem and has not self-reflected on his actions. 

The Public Prosecutor recommended the suspect receive help from the probation service. The suspect was previously detained for 10 days. The court ruled that the suspect was also obliged to rehabilitation counselling and forbidden from contacting the victims.

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