The Prosecutor’s Office Sint Maarten OM SXM and the National Detectives (Landsrecherche) will be extra vigilant in this period leading up to the 2024 Parliamentary Elections and on the day of the vote on January 11 for indications of bribery and the buying/selling of votes and will investigate these in accordance with the law.

This extra vigilance as well as this notice to public were also executed on the lead up and on the day of previous elections.  

Article 2:44 and 2:45 of St. Maarten’s Criminal Code outlines vote-buying and -selling as felonies. The Prosecutor’s Office urges all voters to their right to vote in the best interest of St. Maarten. The right to vote is a fundamental democratic privilege and a cornerstone of good governance.

Vote buying/selling opens the door to corruption, a crime that undermines the entire community. Such actions can have lasting and harmful consequences for the country’s growth and development, affecting future generations.

Equally important to the democratic process the general behaviour during the campaigning period and on Election Day itself. OM SXM calls upon the Sint Maarten population to uphold the principles of law and order, as well as to prioritize respect and decency, recognizing their crucial role in maintaining a healthy democracy.

The OM is charged with the criminal enforcement of the rule of law and with other tasks determined by law. This main task can be divided into three sub-tasks: the investigation of criminal offenses, the prosecution of criminal offenses, and supervision of the execution (execution) of criminal sentences.

The National Detectives specialise in investigating criminal activities within the government, with a particular focus on civil servants.