Four year sentence handed down for Cooler Fete shooting

The Court of First Instance in Sint Maarten has handed down an unconditional sentence of four year in youth detention in a case of attempted manslaughter and illegal firearms possession. The verdict delivered on Wednesday, pertains to a shooting that transpired near the Festival Village after the 2022 ‘Cooler Fete’ event.

That incident left one person severely injured and the presence of a second person at the time in the shooting led to the two counts of attempted manslaughter and two counts of illegal firearm possession.

Convicted is JJR, who owing to his age at the time of the shooting, received a sentence in accordance with juvenile criminal law.

The court also sentenced JJR to pay NAf. 50,000, the maximum allowed by the law in a criminal procedure, to the shooting victim for the severe pain and sufferings inflicted due to the shooting. Failure to pay this penalty will result in an additional 285 days imprisonment with the obligation to pay the damages will applicable.