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St. Maarten

To make traffic safer the police carry out regular traffic controls. Think hereby of the fining for driving without a license, driving through a red light, driving without a seat belt, making calls during driving.
Also a check on the possession of the car approval card is included. In this way, every owner of a vehicle is stimulated to check his or her vehicle biennially on road safety at the Local Inspection.

Violence within the relational atmosphere is a problem that unfortunately occurs widely, but often remains invisible. Often this phenomenon is referred to as "domestic violence", but actually this is too restrictive, as it gives the impression that the violence is limited to persons living in the same house together.

St. Maarten is attractive to foreigners. On a daily basis foreigners enter the country legally and illegally. A part thereof disappears into illegality. Another part tries in an illegal – often life threatening – way to abandon the country, in an effort to build up a life somewhere else.