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Robberies have an enormous impact on victims and their environment and provide a serious sense of insecurity. Robbers therefore can count on heavy penalties. The Public Prosecution and the Police work closely together to reduce the number of robberies. Entrepreneurs have a key role in preventing robberies (by security and/or camera surveillance). Citizens also help to solve robberies.

The suspects, who are brought up by the Police to the Public Prosecutor, are almost always summoned to appear before the Judge. The Public Prosecution hereby demands high sentences, usually a longer prison sentence. The Public Prosecution thereby also points to the turmoil that robberies bring along in society. The Judge in almost all cases imposes a prison sentence, generally following the strong requirement of the Public Prosecutor. Also minor offenders do not simply get away with a sentence for community service. The vast majority of this group is given a sentence of deprivation of liberty. Victims of robberies are given the opportunity to join in the trial as injured party and can with the help of Slachofferhulp-Victim Help Foundation make up a victim statement in writing and / or set up a joiner form for the damages.

See also: Stichting Slachtofferhulp Curaçao (association for Victim Assistance)
(tel. 747 7229 / 510 7575)

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