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At the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Juvenile delinquency has unabated attention and is one of the top priorities.

The emphasis is thereby on preventing that delinquency which starts at a young age, will result in a lengthy criminal career.

Human trafficking is often a form of modern slavery. Therefore the Netherlands have already invested a lot in the recent past in the approach to this type of crime, whereby numerous gangs have been dismantled. On the BES islands since 10/10/10 human trafficking is punishable under the BES Penal Code . Since then a lot of attention is given to this by the Public Prosecution and the Investigation Services, which has already resulted in a number of arrests.

Robberies have an enormous impact on victims and their environment and provide a serious sense of insecurity. Robbers therefore can count on heavy penalties. The Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Police and the business community work closely together to reduce the number of robberies. Entrepreneurs have a key role in preventing robberies (by security and/or camera surveillance). Citizens can also help to solve robberies.

Threats, stalking, assault, sexual abuse are examples of serious offenses. When these events occur within (dependency) relations between (former) partners or parents and (grand)children we can speak of relational violence. This type of punishable behaviour is characterized by the circumstance that the perpetrator and the victim -sometimes forced- continue to be part of each other's lives, with the result that the violence can get a systematic character and the recurrence risk may be large.

Traffic Regulations on the BES-islands are drawn up by the Government (The Public Entity and/or the Central Government) and are stipulated in laws, ordinances and regulations. A number of important traffic laws and regulations: